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Interview: Maureen Brooks

Blue Waters – Maureen Brooks Kenny: Hello everyone, and thank you for joining our fourth installment of the NCSA Blue Waters Fellowship interviews. Today I am interviewing Maureen. Hi Maureen, how are you doing? Maureen: I’m doing very well thank you. K: Well thank you for joining with us today Maureen. Let me just start off with asking you, can you tell us what your research is about? M:...

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Alex Farthing

Interview: Alex Farthing

NCW – Alex Farthing Kenny: Welcome to our second installment of NCSA Crush Wednesday. Today I am interviewing Alex. So Alex, how are you doing? Alex: I’m good, how are you? K: Good, thank you. To jump right into things, how long have you been working at NCSA? A: Since ’98. K: Ok, ’98, ’98. And what do you do here? A: I do desktop support mainly, so system administration. K: So...

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Interview: Joshua Mendez

Blue Waters – Joshua Mendez Kenny: Hello and welcome to our third installment of the Blue Waters Fellows interviews. Today I am talking with Josh. Hi Josh, how are you doing? Josh: Good, how are you doing Kenny? K: I am doing well today, thank you. So Josh can you please tell us what some of your research is about? J: Yeah, sure. Well I come from an electrical...

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Interview: Larissa Reames

Blue Waters – Larissa Reames Kenneth: Hello everyone, and welcome to the second installment of our Blue Waters Fellows interviews. Today I am interviewing Larissa. How are you doing Larissa? Larissa: I’m good, how are you Ken? K: Doing well, thank you. I thank you again for meeting with me. So to start things off, can you please explain to me and everyone what your research is about? L:...

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Thomas Allen

Interview: Thomas Allen

Blue Waters – Thomas Allen Kenny: So today I’m with Thomas, who is one of six of the NCSA Blue Waters Fellows. Hi Thomas, how are you doing? Thomas: Hi, I’m doing good. K: So Thomas, would you like to open with, what is your research exactly? T: Sure, so I am in Nancy Makri’s group on campus here at Illinois, and we focus on quantum dynamics. So we’re...

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Amanda Lombardo

Interview: Amanda Lombardo

NCW – Amanda Kenny: Hello everyone, and thank you again for joining us with the third installment of NCSA Crush Wednesday. Today I am with Amanda. Hi Amanda, how are you doing? Amanda: Good, how are you? K: Doing well. Thank you for interviewing with me today. So, it’s come to my attention, because so far we’ve done interviews with people who’ve been working with NCSA for 15+...

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Danny Powell

Interview: Danny Powell

NCW – Danny Powell Kenny: Hello everyone, and thank you for reading our fourth installment of NCSA Crush Wednesday. Today I am with the Executive Director of NCSA, Danny Powell. Hi Danny, how are you doing? Danny: I’m doing fine, thanks Kenny. K: Thank you for joining me today. D: No problem. K: So most of the people I’ve interviewed so far, have been working here, with the exception of Amanda,...

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Beth McKown

Interview: Beth McKown

NCW-Beth McKown Welcome to what I like to call our NCSA Crush Wednesday, or NCW for short. For the next few weeks, and maybe even longer, I will be interviewing staff members around NCSA to get people excited about the 30th anniversary of the NCSA coming up. My interviewee for today is Beth McKown. Kenny: So like I said earlier, this is for our NCSA Crush Wednesday,...

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