NCSA 30 | 2016 April
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April 2016

Interview: Joshua Mendez

Blue Waters – Joshua Mendez Kenny: Hello and welcome to our third installment of the Blue Waters Fellows interviews. Today I am talking with Josh. Hi Josh, how are you doing? Josh: Good, how are you doing Kenny? K: I am doing well today, thank you. So Josh can you please tell us what some of your research is about? J: Yeah, sure. Well I come from an electrical...

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Interview: Larissa Reames

Blue Waters – Larissa Reames Kenneth: Hello everyone, and welcome to the second installment of our Blue Waters Fellows interviews. Today I am interviewing Larissa. How are you doing Larissa? Larissa: I’m good, how are you Ken? K: Doing well, thank you. I thank you again for meeting with me. So to start things off, can you please explain to me and everyone what your research is about? L:...

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Thomas Allen

Interview: Thomas Allen

Blue Waters – Thomas Allen Kenny: So today I’m with Thomas, who is one of six of the NCSA Blue Waters Fellows. Hi Thomas, how are you doing? Thomas: Hi, I’m doing good. K: So Thomas, would you like to open with, what is your research exactly? T: Sure, so I am in Nancy Makri’s group on campus here at Illinois, and we focus on quantum dynamics. So we’re...

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