NCSA 30 | U.S. Senator Kirk celebrates Blue Waters
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U.S. Senator Kirk celebrates Blue Waters

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

U.S. Senator Kirk celebrates Blue Waters

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) convened a celebration in honor of the second birthday of NCSA’s Blue Waters supercomputer, which is used by scientists and engineers across the country to tackle challenging research for the benefit of science and society.

In kicking off the event, Kirk highlighted the importance of Blue Waters—and of continuing investment in high-performance computing. He pointed to China’s current #1 ranking on the Top500 list as something that should motivate the United States. “We need a kind of computer space race here,” he said. “We’re not as fast as China’s Tianhe-2. The American people will kick in more money so we can be #1 in the world.”

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