NCSA 30 | CaSToRC formed
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CaSToRC formed

CaSToRC formed

The Cyprus Institute and NCSA establishes the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) at the Cyprus Institute. The center provides high-performance computing resources to researchers in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as offering economic development, research, and educational programs.

CaSToRC is home to hundreds of teraflops of computing power. These resources are used to tackle critical research questions in environmental science and engineering, digital cultural heritage, bioinformatics, scientific computing, and other basic sciences.

To start the CaSToRC, the Cyprus Institute leveraged NCSA’s expertise in designing data centers and installing, operating, and delivering groundbreaking science using high-performance computers. NCSA planned the center’s first supercomputer, its data center, and its education and research programs.

NCSA and the CaSToRC share faculty and students, with a set of PhD students splitting their time between the University of Illinois and the Cyprus Institute.

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