NCSA 30 | NCSA installs Lincoln cluster
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NCSA installs Lincoln cluster

NCSA installs Lincoln cluster

Installation began on a new computational resource at NCSA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lincoln will deliver peak performance of 47.5 teraflops and is designed to push the envelope in the use of heterogeneous processors for scientific computing.

Lincoln will consist of 192 compute nodes (Dell PowerEdge 1950 III dual-socket nodes with quad-core Intel Harpertown 2.33GHz processors and 16GB of memory) and 96 NVIDIA Tesla S1070 accelerator units. Each Tesla unit provides 345.6 gigaflops of double-precision performance and 16GB of memory.

Lincoln’s InfiniBand interconnect fabric will be linked to the interconnect fabric of Abe, the 89-teraflop cluster that is currently NCSA’s largest resource. This will enable certain applications to run across the entire complex, providing a peak “Abe Lincoln” performance of 136 teraflops.

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