NCSA 30 | Donna Cox gives SC2003 keynote
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Donna Cox gives SC2003 keynote

Donna Cox

Donna Cox gives SC2003 keynote

Donna Cox—an acclaimed artist and a senior research scientist at NCSA—presented her keynote speech, “Beyond Computing: The Search for Creativity,” at SC2003, the international conference on high-performance computing and networking. She examined the fusion of high technology and high creativity to produce innovative solutions to the challenges of our age

A renowned expert on computer visualization, Cox is a professor in the University’s School of Art and Design and headed NCSA’s Experimental Technologies Division. She has authored many papers and monographs on computer graphics, information design, education, and scientific visualization and has exhibited computer images and animations in more than 100 invitational and juried exhibits. Her animations of scientific data have appeared on international television, including episodes of NOVA, Discovery Channel documentaries, CNN, and NBC Nightly News.

“Both technology and art require leaps of imagination,” Cox said, “and they certainly can enhance and support one another. Scientific visualizations, human-computer interfaces, text and image data mining—these are some of the themes that cut across both the sciences and the humanities. Including a broad range of disciplines in high-performance computing will enrich discovery and expand the applications of technology.”

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