NCSA 30 | 1991 January
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January 1991

3D volumetric rendering of mummy

Mummies don't make their way to Central Illinois that often; when one does, you hate to destroy it while unraveling its secrets. The University of Illinois' World Heritage Museum received a donated Egyptian mummy in 1989. An interdisciplinary team, including NCSA, then worked to better understand the mummification process and to determine the mummy's age, sex, medical history, and cause of death. Two-dimensional CT scans were...

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CONVEX C240 comes online

The CONVEX C240 system—with 1 billion bytes of memory, and 50,000 calculations per second—came online in early 1991. The C240 formed the heart of NCSA's Numerical Laboratory, a research and development environment for interactive, three-dimensional visualization. In interactive visualization, the researcher sitting at a graphics workstation steers a supercomputer simulation and the accompanying visualization simultaneously in real time. The C240's large memory made it an effective...

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